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DiCE Lethal Kitten Knit Sweater


Ready to be purr-fectly cozy? Our Lethal Kitten Knit Sweater is the perfect way to stay comfy - Japanese import style! Whether you’re cuddling up with a real-life lethal kitten or showing off your unique sense of style, this is the purr-fect fashion statement for you!

This item is imported from Japan and part of the DiCE collection.

One size fits all.

Manufacturer specs:

Length: 70cm (27.5")
Shoulder width: 61cm (24")
Body width: 63cm (24.8")
Hem width: 55cm (21.6")
Sleeve length: 56cm (22")


In the photos, the male model is 177 cm tall (5' 10") and the female model is 159 cm tall (5' 2").